Formed in 2010, we are an independent Bookmaker offering bets on UK & Irish Horse Racing.

We operate on racecourses in the North West, North East and in the Midlands and we also provide betting facilities on line and on the telephone.

We offer bets on UK and Irish Horse Racing only. We do not accept bets on any other sports.

We offer a friendly service that is not looking to restrict you as soon as you start winning.

The types of bets we accept are Singles, Doubles, Trebles. Yankees and Lucky 15’s.

We pay out on First Past the Post and the Official Result.

We have a maximum liability of £2,000 per bet so if you are looking for much bigger bets, then I’m afraid that we are not the bookmaker for you.

Our hours of Business are from 11:00 until the last race of the day.